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"Pending Works and Scotopolitic object" ist der Titel der zweiten Einzellausstellung des Romänischen Künstlers Alex Mirutziu. Neu dafür entstanden sind Videoarbeiten, Fotografien und Objekte deren Konzept er selbst wie folgt beschreibt:
"Pending Works operate within a nexus of processes, interactions and
mediations that are clearly distinguishable as non-linear, noncumulative
and task-based, with the focus not on what is happening
but on when it is happening. What is expressed neither describes nor
represents existing matrixes of recognition but rather reformulates
possibilities. Images, language and signs are critical engagements
with reality and not merely its representation. My attention is devoted
to work that is not primarily a productive, result-oriented process. This
work may be seen as a complex time frame of the art project, as pure
activity that occurs in time. This new practice induces you to look
beyond; is there a real there – at all? It reaches beyond the specific
realization of an idea towards an expanded cultural and social field. I
believe that this particularity is a call for thought, beginning with the
artist who applies a task-based principle of announcing the time frame
of each work for the different ways it may be observed. This then
gives rise to questions on: internal duration of the idea versus external
duration of the work; sufficiency of time and its relevancy; how much
volume of thought and processed thinking can be put into a specific time frame?
Scotopolitic is the term I have coined to designate an object situation that generates a complex dynamic between the discourse of darkness that exists as a choice – one that should not have language – and an object's communal and public relevance. Its comprehension evolves between silence, mediation and representation. Between example theory and negation theory, Scotopolitic object draws attention to the insistence on its captive insight; and, through the repetitive carving of its insight, develops an institutional theme. Its strategic discourse operates on a
thin layer of self-contemplative uselessness, bringing the jungle of darkness into the surrounding public space. Finally, what must be considered in this object situation paradigm are the ways these resolutions are negotiated within a larger public environment."
Mirutziu, geboren 1981 in Rumänien, lebt und arbeitet in London und Sibiu.

Alex Mirutziu01.07.2011 – 06.08.2011